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Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture

1947, Carried out the first intake of students on a specialty “Industrial and civil construction” in the mining department of the Donetsk Industrial Institute (DII).

2006, DonNABA – winner of the All-Ukrainian public review-competition state conditions and safety in offices, institutions, enterprises and organizations of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

2007, Certified training programs in two areas: “Economics and Business” and “Management» International Education Society (IES, UK). DonNABA involved in the project CERTIFICATE;

Done procedure for re-certification of Quality Management System with the provision of higher education and research in the field of “Construction” in the certification TUV CERT.

2008, DonNABA joined the Association of Universities building CIS (DIA).

International relations

Office of International Affairs Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture -information-analytical center, focused on analytic activity that causes the development, expansion and strengthening of international relations and credibility academy in the world community.It is both a structural unit coordinating Academy, established to develop and implement a strategy of international activity, expansion and deepening of international relations, to promote international cooperation in education and science.Main areas of international activities of the Academy:

  • training specialists for foreign countries;
  • collaboration with renowned foreign universities in improving the learning process according to the Bologna process;
  • international scientific and technological cooperation;
  • Academy of cooperation with international professional accreditation agencies in the field of accreditation and certification of specialties leading experts;
  • participation in international scientific and engineering applications for grants;
  • academic and scientific cooperation with foreign research organizations;
  • installation and support relationships with the diplomatic missions of other countries;
  • a job of teachers, scientists and researchers from universities in other countries;
  • coordination of faculties, departments and other structural subdivisions DonNABA to improve the efficiency of international contractual relationships with foreign partners;
  • international cooperation in cultural and sports fields;
  • preparation, processing, collection of data on international programs, foundations, donors;
  • looking for foreign partner universities;
  • reception of foreign delegations and specialists;
  • Advertising Academy abroad;
  • Academy participation in international university and student associations;
  • providing the necessary organizational and methodological assistance to faculties and departments in the implementation of international programs and projects;
  • Organization of teachers of foreign delegations and partner universities during their stay at the university.
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