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National Forestry and Wood Technology University of Ukraine

National Forestry University of Ukraine – Ukraine’s only higher education institution Forestry profile.During its history, the University has become a prominent center of forestry engineering education in Ukraine, which is actively integrating into the European education system.

The University Institute of Ecological Economics and six faculties: lisomehanichnyy, economic, technological, forestry, correspondence, Preparatory School and postgraduate education, which includes a small forest academy preparatory department, preparatory courses for university, advanced training and retraining.

The university also includes training and consulting center in HUST College of Technology, Natural and Technical High School, State Botanical Gardens, educational production Forestry, Nature Reserve “bore” a training ground, lisoekolohichni hospitals in Skhidnytsya, Morshine (Lviv region. ), Shack research and teaching laboratory lisoekolohichna (Volyn region)., health and sports camp “Lisotehnik” (village Rybakivka, Mykolaiv region.).

First Galician foresters appealed to the authorities to open a one-year secondary forest school for eight students in 1807r.However, in the day of absolutism (1805-1817 years), even when not functioning Lviv University, the attempt was unsuccessful.In 1818, foresters again brought to the project of creation of the Department of Forestry and Forest two-year studies at the university, then in the way of its realization was the local administration, considering the idea premature.One by one (in 1850, 1852, 1866) are not implemented proposals for establishment of the Academy of Engineering of the Faculty of agriculture.Forest owners did not want to have educated managers able to resist anarchist cabin and hrabunkovomu entities.

Training specialists

Important place in the life of the Institute since the first days holds the Forest Engineering Department, which prepares engineers for the forestry industry, particularly in the field of rational harvesting and transporting timber.The faculty had six departments: the mechanization of logging (Chair Associate M.V.Plaksin), land and water transport of forest (associated B.H.Hastyev), the theory of mechanisms and machines machine parts (Candidate of Science O.I.Hofman) descriptive geometry and drawing (Associate O.Y.Korolevych), Physics (Associate D.P.Dyatlov).From the earliest days of the faculty headed by Associate Professor D.P.Dyatlov.A physicist by profession, he proved himself a skilful organizer team.In 1955 he became the associate dean O.Y.Korolevych soon was replaced by Associate A.P.Boyko.The faculty enrolled 890 students.Forestry Department (Dean – Associate Kaluga MI) prepared by highly qualified engineer forestry (afforestation, forest management and forest protection).The faculty then consisted of five departments: Botany and Dendrology (Associate Professor JD Tretiak), forestry (Prof. M. Gorshenin), Geodesy and forest inventory (Associate Professor E. Polyansky), forest plantations and forestry mechanization work (MI Associate Kaluga), forest protection and derevynoznavstva (assistant OL Sinkevich).In terms of academic qualifications faculty took the top spot at the institute are working one and eight associate professor, PhD.The faculty enrolled 676 students.According to the development of the forestry department, the Republican Main Forestry Department has made ​​a master plan for development of the sector.

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