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System of Education

The system of education provides good quality and is well developed. One of the most important tasks for central and local authorities is to give equal possibilities in getting top quality education for all citizens of Ukraine.

7% of Ukrainian professionals who teach 11 million students (22% of the population)  are involved in the area of education and upbringing.

There are 18400 institutions for pre-school preparation. According to the Constitution secondary school takes the central part in the system and is free and quite accessible. 7 mln. students attend 21900 schools. Private sector in secondary education is insignificant. Totally, there are 200 private schools (1% of all the amount of students).

Secondary schools adopted 12th level system, according to European standards. Moreover, there is no difference in content of Ukrainian secondary education from standards of secondary school of other European countries.

You can take vocational education in 1003 technical institutions (utchilische) on the base of lower secondary education and upper secondary education. In Ukrainian system of Education College of Further Education (tekhnikum) refers to the lower part of higher education.

Higher Education has more than 1 million institutions of higher education in Ukraine and they form a system which considers to be one of the biggest in the world. In Ukraine you can get higher education in universities (academies, institutes) with 3rd-4th level of accreditation. After 4 years of studying, the student can get Bachelor’s degree, 5 years is for specialists, five and a half or 6 years Master’s Degree.

The student can be admitted to the university according to the results of entrance exams in July-August. The academic year begins on the 1st of September and lasts up to the end of July. It consists of two terms/semesters. All the students go on holidays between two terms: the first term (September – January) and the second one (February – June). Summer holidays last for two months. At the end of each term, the student takes 3 or 5 examinations and 3 or 5 tests. Successful completion of examinations and tests guarantees the possibility of attending the second term. Students have classes everyday except weekends. They attend lectures, tutorials, study in libraries, practical classes at laboratories and resource centers.

Higher education course includes work placement, when students have the possibility to gain experience. Recognition of gained qualification is the priority of the state. In case of successful graduation from the university, students get the.

The transcript of the subject list with marks is attached to the Diploma. Although the state guarantees the conformity to standards of qualification, the employer takes into consideration how authoritative the university is. Today, you can get the education in 313 universities, academies and institutes of Ukraine of 3rd-4th level of accreditation. Among them there are 220 state institutions, 93- private. In 54,9 % of state universities students get free education.

International Students

International students get their higher education in universities, academies and institutes that are not only accredited, but also have a special license to teach foreign students. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine controls the quality of educational services provided to foreign students.

International students can start their studying with foundation course (preparatory/ premedical/ language course) or the main course directly (to gain Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree). The foundation course includes study of Ukrainian (Russian) language and some of the comprehensive subjects connected to the future profession. Further training is performed along with Ukrainian students.

Foreign students can study in English medium of instruction to obtain Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. At some universities, there is also available French medium of instruction.




Nowadays it is a common trend to study abroad, no doubt, it is a great way to experience something new and it gives you something unique. Study abroad opens new opportunity gates which lead you to the peak of the competitive world. People who choose to go to another country for their further education look for the location in Europe. If you are really searching for a great country in Central Europe to study in, you should choose Ukraine. It is an incredible place that will certainly help you stand out from the rest of the people in the current job market.

There is something very serious which leads you to choose Ukraine for your Higher Education. Studying in Ukraine has some serious advantages, especially for medicine, engineering, accounting and business applicants. Almost all universities in Ukraine have English Medium of instruction so you will not face a language barrier; you just come and study. This incredible country also offers great medical programs and is known all over the world for it. This makes it an ideal choice for potential doctors or surgeons. Their degrees will be also recognized worldwide, meaning once you are out of the school, you get a job anywhere in the world. The universities are also great for all different types of specialties. Ukraine is a great and cheap European country to choose.

Students get all necessary facilities which makes them completely satisfied, with renovated hostels, good food and, moreover, their national food. Every year we have national festival activities, students live together and exchange their cultural backgrounds.

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