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Study MBBS in Ukraine

Take away your doubts about MBBS in Ukraine!

Studying MBBS in Ukraine, you will be offered with the greatest opportunity to obtain medical career and to work in medical sphere all around the world.

Why Ukraine?

  • As far as Ukraine is involved in the Bologna Process, all Ukrainian degrees are accepted in 27 European countries.
  • Ukrainian system of education offers the highest quality of studying. All Ukrainian degrees are recognized all around the world (Africa, Asia, USA, UK, and Europe).
  • Ukraine counts nearly eight thousand higher education institutions. Most of them are the best in the whole world.
  • Ukraine never requires IELTS of TOEFL and various entrance exams for admission of new foreign students.
  • Courses are available in English/French/Russian/Ukrainian medium of instruction.
  • All Ukrainian medical degrees are recognized by UNESCO, WHO, MCI, European Council and various International Organizations.
  • In Ukraine, it is easier to get visa than in other European countries.
  • Hospitality to foreign students.
  • Beautiful country, tasty food and friendly people.


Main 10 reasons to study MBBS in Ukraine:

  1. The variety of spheres for graduates in obtaining the career.

Medicine, physiotherapy, veterinary, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, etc.

  1. Great sociable work for those, who like people.

If you are easygoing, sociable and flexible person, medical field is the best place to be in touch with people all the time.

  1. Excellent opportunity to help people and to make them happier.

Helping, curing, treating people have always been courageous and brave in work.

  1. Working field, which is recognized and needed all around the world.

Medical field has always been the most vital part in the social life of different nations. Therefore, you will be given the great opportunity to be the specialist recognized all around the world.

  1. Improving skills in teamwork and collaboration.

On the daily basis of medical worker, you will always be surrounded by other professionals, which will give you the great possibility to improve your collaboration work. 

  1. The world needs more and more doctors every day.

Each country needs more and more qualified professionals day by day. Especially in such countries as Africa and India due to the continuously growing global environmental problems.

  1. Stability and high salaries.

Guaranteed stable work after the graduation is provided.

  1. Continuing development and improving in this sphere.

All the time you will be connected with new researches that will give you the opportunity to increase your professionalism and to develop in the sphere of medicine.

  1. High social status.

The profession of doctor is one of the most required and most vital professions in the world. So just get people know that you are a doctor, and they will trust and respect you more and more.

White coats represent cleanliness of the job, high hygiene standards and orders of the medical system.


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